Finally, it happened to me… Right in front of my face and I just cannot hide it!

12 Jun

Good song, by CeCe Peniston… although, I don’t think she was talking about racing. Whatever. It’s the song that comes to mind when I think about my race yesterday. Tesoro March Point 5K in Anacortes. It was muggy and warm and both my MIL, Hanuschka and I were not feelin’ it. On Friday, I had all the confidence in the world and decided that I was going to smash my PR and finish at 24 minutes on the dot. I didn’t really expect to be sweating long before the race started… and I am not talking about sweating from warming up… it was just humid. Wah wah wah. I can gladly say that’s not normal for WA state. Thank the Lord! Well, I had confidence until I saw the hill before the finish line. It wasn’t horrendously steep, it was actually just a loooooong, slow climb. I am guessing maybe 2/10’s of a mile. I changed my goal to finishing in 26-27 minutes.

Here’s the deal – 5K’s have always been fun runs for me. Easy, take-my-time, enjoyable race. I was a completer, not competer. I pushed hard enough to beat my last time, but never hard enough that I hurt. At The Human Race, that accidentally changed. I came in 4th place overall (women) and all of a sudden I realized that I had somehow moved into the possible competitor category. Could this be?!? Hear me out – I am NOT really fast. There are plenty of women who finish a 5K in 18-22 minutes. THAT is fast! But you know what? Somehow my time is still close enough that I just might place!

Back up… last Tuesday, there was a local race in Lummi to start the Stommish Festival. It’s called The Great Kwina Mile. I figured for one mile, I could run my guts out. I have never timed my mile before. I was hoping for a 7:45 mile, which seemed lofty since I wasn’t sure if I could even run an 8 min mile. I finished in 7:05. Came in 4th overall for women and probably 1st in my age division. DANGIT!!! Another 4th place race! I was stoked about my time, but disappointed that I missed the podium by one place again. Fast forward to track practice on Wednesday – I ran 2 miles in 14:05 (intervals though). So, I was confidant that I was consistently running the same pace.

I don’t need to drag this out (plus, I need to leave for church in 15 mins!). The Tesoro 5K kicked my butt. I felt like my legs were cement blocks and I couldn’t get a deep breath the entire race. I finished in 25:36. I wasn’t disappointed in the time considering the hill. My MIL, finished 2 full minutes before me and my FIL, came in with Che in the jogger shortly after me (he has a calf injury, otherwise he would have beat me by a long haul). I think I would have walked up the hill, but Armando (FIL) was coaching me the entire time. Bless him. I love that man.

I. DID. IT. I placed 3rd in my age division. I GOT A TROPHY!!!!!! They read my name out loud!!!! I AM A COMPETER!!!!! (I know it’s really competitor, but it doesn’t rhyme with completer). I might never get a 22 or 23 minute 5K under my belt, but I am stoked to finished before a couple hundred people. I think that’s pretty fun!

Hanuschka finished 1st place in her division and Armando (and Che) finished 4th in his age division. I have an amazing family of runners. Did I mention that my hubby is back at track practice with me? Maybe there will be a 4th Brionez running races with us soon.

Finally it happened to me!

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One response to “Finally, it happened to me… Right in front of my face and I just cannot hide it!

  1. lizzieplee

    June 13, 2011 at 2:48 am

    Not much that I can say, other that I LOVE YOU ARE A “COMPETER”…. Boy if I know the feeling… And you know is healthy, is good, and is fun… Keep competing my dear… Love you! I need to run a short one with you so I can push myself trying not to eat your dust!!!



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