Catch Up!

12 Nov

It’s been a year and a half. Yikes. I don’t know how moms blog on a regular basis with kids running around.  I can’t even do it with one child. It’s funny tho – I think about blogging, but then feel like I have nothing important to say. And, I don’t. But I LOVE blogs by moms who just talk about their everyday activities, complaints, rants and blessings. I appreciate hearing that I am not crazy and neither is my child. We are just normal. Average. Unexciting. And it feels good.

I get excited when a full day goes by and I haven’t wiped Che’s nose… when he finally says “apple” instead of “bopple”… when he only wants to eat homemade bread than store bought… when I finally get around to doing 12 loads of laundry. Who wouldn’t? Well, okay a single, fashionable, twenty-something might not get excited about that. But she will someday.

So, to say “Cheers!” to the last year of nothing too exciting, here are some photos…

Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon


Papa Mondo is awesome!


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