His name is Che… not Chase, Jay or Shea

29 Mar

I guess since it has been over a month since Che was born and my sister Aimee has already  blogged about her Jersey’s big day, I should probably get on it and blog about my Che.  I don’t have enough hours in a day to get everything I need to get done.  But, Daddy took Che to our friends house for a visit so that I could have some time all to myself.  Ahhhh… it’s quiet and my house is a mess, but Son told me I can’t clean, I just have to take it easy and I am trying to honor his wishes, for once… last time he took Che to Grandma’s for a visit, he came back to a spic-n-span house and he was NOT happy.  So… I am being obedient.  Blogging is resting, right??

Well, it’s too long of a story and probably pretty boring (until Che’s actual arrival of course!).  Bear with me… I started what I think was back labor on Thursday night (the 12th, I think). Went to work on Friday as usual, but just hurting. By Saturday, my back hurt so bad that I called the emergency number at my Dr’s office and asked if I could get a urine analysis thinking maybe I had a kidney infection. My tests came back totally normal. I was in so much pain on Sunday morning that I went in the hospital to get my cervix checked – just to see if I was dilated and was in labor. NOTHING. They gave me some sleeping pills and sent me home.The back pain and hard contractions continued on Sunday and by Monday night, I went back to the hospital to beg to be checked again… no progression. Still dilated to 1cm and only 50% effaced. The Dr was tired from being on call all weekend and just admitted me to the hospital, without checking me or anything – he just said he would induce me in the morning. Tuesday morning came and they started Pitocin at 5am. I contracted all day, heavy and close together … I still was only dilated to 1cm after all that. They sent me home that night at 9pm with morphine and sleeping pills. Morphine apparently relaxes the uterus enough that supposedly during my sleep, my cervix should contract. I went home unwillingly and begging Sonny just to let me get an optional C-Section. He was adament about me sticking to my goal of doing it natural and didn’t want me to be disappointed. I was at my wits end cause I had been in some stage of TRYING to have a baby for almost 5 days at that point and I honestly WANTED the c-section. I was so mad that I was going home that on our way to Walgreens to get the sleeping pills, Sonny asked if I wanted anything and I said I wanted Chicken Nuggets from McDonalds.  I know how HORRIBLE they are for me, but I hadn’t eaten hardly anything in days and I didn’t care at that point.  SONNY ORDERED 40 CHICKEN NUGGETS AND WE ATE EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEM.  Anyway…. I thought that since I had some major sleeping pills that I would be conked out all night, but woke up at 4am with hard contractions every 3 minutes. That Tuesday morning, I had my normally scheduled Dr appt at 10:30, so Son drove me in and I was SO DONE. They did a non-stress test and the baby’s heart rate was really slowed down and they couldn’t “wake him up”. The Dr came in to check my cervix and I had actually dilated to 3cm and was fully effaced….but the baby hadn’t dropped into the birth canal, and the Dr thought that was really odd. She took me over to the ultra sound machine and SURE ENOUGH THE BABY WAS BREACH!!!!! His rear end obviously couldn’t fit into the birth canal, which was why I wasn’t progressing. She sent me straight to the hospital and I was in surgery 2 hours later.

Armando Che David Brionez was born via C-Section at 1:50pm.  He weighed 9lbs 8oz and was 21.5 inches long.  He has a full head of black hair and is absolutely beautiful.  He looks just like his daddy, except for my ears and my sideburns (he really got the best of me….).  Che sleeps through the night and in the last month has gained 3lbs.  He is a great eater!  He already loves his cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents.  He is just a sweet, sweet boy.CheMama and CheDaddy and CheLabor


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2 responses to “His name is Che… not Chase, Jay or Shea

  1. jastark

    March 30, 2009 at 12:01 am

    What an experience! It was hard to he so far away while I knew you were agonizing. I’m do proud of you for bringing such a sweet little guy into the world, and for keeping such a great attitude throughout the grooming process. Sounds like we both had amazing perfect deliveries… Just not how we expected! Love you!

  2. heidapong

    April 2, 2009 at 4:06 am

    Oh my word, first of all AWESOME work on the 40 peice nuggets, that might be my favorite part of the birth story and secondly that’s crazy how much pain you endured before they finally did an ultrasound to find out he was Breached. My goodness.
    Well Che has the BEST of both you and Sonny, he’s so sweet, and good looking.
    You’re a champ.
    Good work. Thanks for blogging!!


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